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Executive Summary
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Advanced Business Designs creates state-of-the-art processes that transform private companies from traditional ownership models to tax qualified businesses that are not limited by the restrictions of their traditional model, allowing the owner(s) tremendous financial and tax benefits.

Those processes include:

  • Removing the continuing risk of ownership from the current owners in the shortest possible time

  • Developing a plan that in most cases owns and operates the business in a tax-free mode

  • Creating effective exit and/or succession plans where appropriate

  • Energizing employees and enhancing retention

Advanced Business Designs provides creation and monitoring services of the plans and assists in educating owners and advisors alike in the benefits derived from the process of transformation. All costs are deferred until such time as the owner(s) are ready to proceed to the independent valuation stage necessary to create a seamless transition.

Advanced Business Designs targets privately held businesses in the $10 million to $50 million sales range with EBITDA in excess of $1 million. Opportunities outside the target range can be considered.

Advanced Business Designs has the extensive experience and capability to help business owners remove their capital from the company while retaining 100% control, reducing their tax burden, and motivating employees.

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